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Work experience

Guangdong Decheng Law Firm CLawyer

U.S. NYSE listed Company IGC - China Advisory Director

Shenzhen HSBC League Silver Investment Fund Management Co., Limited -Legal adviser.

Have legal, management and other aspects of complex knowledge background and work experience; strong desire to succeed; excellent communication skills.


China South International Industrial Materials City-Legal Specialist

Little Sheep Group-Legal Specialist

Huizhong Tianheng Investment Co., Ltd-Legal Specialist

More than six years experience in investment banking, specializes in corporate restructuring and listing, mergers and acquisitions, investments, financing, private equity business; full participation in Little Sheep, China South International Industrial Materials City both listed in Hong Kong; participate in L'oreal merger with Mininurse (Ratstar Cosmetics) project, IGC U.S. listing and other legal services.


Education experience:

Wuhan University School Of Law

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